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The Ciclotel Bike Stops are specially selected bars & restaurants along the most popular bike routes. Happy to welcome tired, thirsty and/or hungry cyclists and there is a secured space to park your bikes. In every Ciclotel Bike Stop you can enjoy a Kwaremont - cyclists favorite beer!

You can recognize stops by the signs outside and you can also find them on the Ciclotel Road Riding Map Costa Blanca, which you can purchase for € 9,95. This map shows all the best training routes in the area and gives a discount of 10% in all the Ciclotel Bike Stops and in the “The Bike Shop” by Ciclotel in Calpe.  The Ciclotel Bike Stops are located directly on the routes so there is always one close enough to have a well earned break and get ready to continue your ride through the most stunning surroundings of the Costa Blanca!

For the gastronomic cyclists enjoying their cycling holiday at Ciclotel, we have the best restaurants in the area so you can enjoy a fantastic dinner after another long busy cycling day. With the Ciclotel Riding Map you can again obtain a 10% discount on your bill!
Ciclotel - just a little bit different!