Health and Fitness travels:
Are you looking for fitness, dance, aerobics or any other intensive training in the sun? We got the trip for you! Ciclotel can organise many great activities with music and various forms of exercise. Achieve all of your fitness goals with Ciclotel, improve your cardiovascular health or kick start your weight loss. You can take part in group activities or you can choose to use our fantastic facilities and organize your own boot camp, individual training or group training.
In our gyms you can find machines to train all muscle groups. We have various fitness machines available, including bikes, stair climbers, treadmills and rowing machines. Our Gyms are used by top athletes, but also perfect if you are just getting started with exercise or when you are rehabilitating after an injury.
Book your trip to the Costa Blanca now and enjoy all great things the Costa Blanca has to offer while working out your body!