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Football Training Camps - Costa Blanca Spain  all year around!

We welcome football clubs to Ciclotel Travel. This site aims to be a complete reference for every level related to the sports that we all love. Working with some of the best teams has given us a comprehensive experience, as well as vision of the real needs of a football club, consequently enabling us to understand the concepts that facilitate the objective of building a true “team” to face its competition with guaranteed success. Teams from all over Europe use our services during the time of planning their preseason training camps and friendly games. A personalised service along with first class facilities make us a serious and competent partner during this important time. 
With Ciclotel Travel your football team can live like a pro, whatever level that your team is on!
  • Accommodation with a full or half board
  • Buffet style meals with juices and water
  • Light coffee break (coffee, tea, cookies)
  • Mineral water during trainings & matches
  • Upgrades for the coach and sports director
  • Airport transfers in luxury bus
  • Transfers to training & matches in luxury bus
  • 2 x training sessions daily
  • Self- laundry of sports kit after training session
  • Use of the gym in the hotel
  • Massage room (with 2 massage beds & 20 towels daily)
  • Material room & meeting room
  • Arrange of 1 friendly match per week
  • Service & attention by our fully qualified staff
  • 1 field natural grass 100x60m
  • Dressing rooms for 2 teams
  • Private Gym 65 m²
  • 1 field artificial turf 104 x 57m

Group package from 20 persons

Ters & Conditions

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