Gandia is an excellent location for cyclists, who enjoy more flat and easy to follow routes. Every year thousands of cyclists choose this region to ride the many different flat and coastal rides along the beaches.

The Ciclotel point RH Bayren 4 star hotel has the best beach location in Gandía, sitting right at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. From here you can follow the all flat road, N332, leading to Denia, or if you choose to go in the other direction, this will take you to Valencia. Both will give you a flat training ground. If you do want to find mountain routes, it will take you about 45 minutes to reach them.
In Gandia, we offer self-guided tours with a free Ciclotel Road Riding Map, as a hotel customer of Ciclotel Travel, this map includes 12 training routes from your hotel. Along the routes, we have 16 Ciclotel Bike Stop Restaurants where you receive a 10% discount on showing the map, and 10% discount in "The Bike Shop". You can also stock up on energy bars and spare parts, as well as borrow tools to do minor repairs.

Mountain biking
We do not recommend Gandia for MTB.

Triathlon Athletes                                                                                            Gandia is a dream place to train for road cycling, running and swimming. Just outside of the Ciclotel Hotel you can go and jump in the Mediterranean Sea for a swim. Make sure you've brought a wetsuit because the water temperature is only 14º C in the winter time. The quiet flat roads are fantastic for running and cycling. Improve your speed on the all-out flat road to either Valencia or Denia. Also perfect for interval training.


Gandia is a beautiful and amazing, historical City, one of the largest in the area, about 55 km north of Calpe. The main tourists' attraction is the Gothic Palace called the Palau Duca, built in the 14th century and the birthplace of the famous Saint Francisco de Borja, grandson of Pope Alexander VI. The old town of Gandia and the many different beaches are major attractions of the City.

Gandia is divided into two zones, Gandia City, with the historical monuments, shops and commercial activities, and Gandia beach, with the hotels, apartments and summer residences. The famous yearly held “fallas” festivities are its cultural highlight of the year. During these “Fallas”, Gandia City and Gandia beach are filled with its parades and music.

Gandia will always be linked in history to the famous house of Borgia. Callixtus III and Alexander VI, who ruled as popes in the Vatican in the 15th century and were members of this family. When the family returned to Spain, they restored the “Duke of Gandia” as a hereditary Spanish title.

Gandia`s population is 75.500, foreigners being 10%, mainly British, Bolivian and Bulgarian.

Gandia: amazing, historical, challenging, relaxing, unforgettable!




Ciclotel Point RH Bayren

Beachfront hotel with spa, indoor and outdoor pool


per person in double room

Including in the price

  • Return airport transfer
  • Accommodation with breakfast & dinner buffet style
  • Extra 1,5 L water per day
  • Ciclotel Bike Stop road riding map for self guiding tours
  • Bike room with workshop
  • Facility to clean the bike
  • Gym